Mercury SeaPro 200-300 hk 3.4L V6 & 4.6L V8

Den hårt arbetande och pålitliga motorn du behöver när du är ute på vattnet.

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Intuitive, Innovative Features

Adaptive Speed Control

Maintains a desired rpm regardless of changes in load or conditions without adjustments to the throttle level position – a first for the outboard industry.

Exceptionally Smooth and Quiet

Tuned multi-chamber air intake minimizes airborne noise; fuel injector covers reduce high – frequency noise.

Industry-Exclusive Battery Management Technology

When battery voltage decreases, the engine will automatically increase idle rpm to boost alternator output and recharge low batteries to the proper level, protecting operators from draining their battery while trolling.

Easy to Maintain

The exclusive Top Cowl Service Door simplifies routine maintenance, letting you check or add engine oil without removing the top cowl. Hour-based maintenance schedule decal is located under the cowl, providing a quick overview of routine maintenance.

Heavy Duty Gearcase

All V8 and V6 SeaPro outboards feature a heavy-duty gearcase validated at three times the lifespan of a recreational gearcase. The SeaPro gearcase was designed with easy maintenance in mind: Oil can be easily drained from the gearcase torpedo.

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